Jun 8, 2006

Best coffee break ever

Yesterday, Daughter#2 didn't have school so we spent the entire day together, starting with a heap of morning errands followed by a full day at work. She kept herself busy with yahooligans and drawing pictures for co-workers while I was overwhelmed with my workload and various personal thoughts weighing me down.

She looked out the window and pointed to the sky: "Look Mom, doesn't that cloud look like a sitting camel?"
I followed the direction her finger was pointing and after a few moments my eye-brain coordination started functioning and I saw it. I smiled at my 11-year-old look-alike, "You've got a good eye. Too bad we don't have a camera with us".
In a matter of minutes, all the stuff that had been going on in my head took a backseat and seemed lighter as we tried to recognize other white fluffy creatures in the sky.

Best coffee break ever. They should have kids in every workplace to help ease the tension and get the creative juices flowing. Or at least the sound of kids' laughter.