Jun 9, 2006

I say, Holmes, are those Kermits?

Daughter #2 wants to attend swimming lessons with her best friend at our community pool. Fine. Went to ask for necessary requirements (doctor's note, equipment etc.) where I noticed the grass area around the pool and its facilities was 'moving'. On closer inspection, I realized that the 'moving' grass were zillions of tiny baby frogs hopping towards the main road.

As if I didn't have enough worries, what with global warming and what to make for dinner, I asked myself:

1) Where did these lilliputian amphibians come from? The pool? Ewwww, and it looks so clean! (Note to self: Remember to ask for documentation that the pool has been inspected by the state chemical lab).

2) Why were those pollywogs moving, almost mesmerized, towards high-speed vehicles? Were they born with a built-in death wish to be squished before they can even 'ribbit'? Is there a frog joke I'm missing sort of like "why did the chicken cross the road"? To get to the other side. But the other side doesn't have ponds or water to tempt you, like the dark side has cookies.

Another of life's mysteries to taunt my brain.