Jun 23, 2006


Yesterday the basic results for Greek university entrance exams came out. Daughter#1 did very well. Extremely well. We are pleased as peaches on cream here in Flubberwinkle home. Down-to-earth husband, however, has asked everyone to wait until all the results* come in before we start counting our chickens. You know the saying "opposites attract"... that's my marriage. Slap-happy silly versus stout sobriety. He has a point and I won't argue with reason. But it doesn't keep me from doing the victory dance when noone's looking.

I didn't think I'd get mushy, but when Daughter#1 called me at work with the first results my eyes filled with tears of joy and relief. My co-workers gave each other dubious wide-eyed looks, unsure of what I was hearing from the other side of the receiver. After telling them the good news, everyone went WOO-HOO (in Greek, it translates to BRAVOs). Then they took turns remembering the first time I brought her in the office 16 years ago (she was nine months AND walking, with cute bunny shoes, a bonnet and matching non-gothic baby outfit). She was the first baby by an employee and dubbed office mascot until my colleagues started mating and making mascots of their own.

And now, *sigh* she's off to University. Now that I think about it... someone should warn the University. I've unleashed my half silly (takes from my side)/ half serious (takes from daddy's side)/ heavy-metal / goth-sprinkled / Tolkien-fan / know-it-all chatterbox on them.

*all the results means including the "special" subjects such as foreign languages, which haven't been graded yet. She's already taken the English and German exams. Next week is the Italian language exam. These subjects are required if the candidate wishes to enroll in English, German or Italian Literature and Philology Departments.