Jun 28, 2006

All things come at a price

Well, Daughter#1 finally talked me into it. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I came home these past few months, bragging how fast my recently upgraded internet connection at work was and Daughter#1 would whimper in the background. Admittedly, our slow home connection -- a PSTN dial-up on a 56K modem -- was seeing its last days, having served us well for nine years.

We signed up for home DSL internet connection. However, there's a catch as in all things that are too good to be true. I have to wire half the house in order to connect her high-school graduation gift (a used laptop) with the wireless router hooked up on our old, yet trusty, PC. Seriously geek inventors, why do you call it 'wireless' if it needs a wire from every PC?

There's another glitch. Our home now has super-fast Internet connection 24/7 on one computer but no dial tone to phone out. 'How ASDL filters and splitters work' have become the main reading course and my current nightmare. Why did I have to brag how fast my work connection is? Next time, think woman, before you speak!