Sep 17, 2006

Our postman needs wringing... twice*

We have a postman on our route who believes that by bringing everyone's mail together, peace and harmony will prevail in our suburbial mail district. His idea of getting to know your neighbour means dropping the mail off at random houses every week. Most of the houses on our street are single-family homes, which means that everyone has their own mailbox near the sidewalk, the main gate or the front door. OUR mailman wouldn't ever DREAM of stopping at every. single. mailbox. to distribute the mail. Nope. One-stop bundle per street. Our postman punches in for work at 7am and by 8am he's done for the day. Off for his frappe and a nap after a hard day's work.

This summer was the worst yet. Neighbours gone on vacations at varying times our bills and letters were held hostage in assorted mailboxes with no way out. Our telephone line was cut off as a result of our phone bill's confinement, having arrived at a house 3 blocks down while its dwellers were away. By the time the family returned and put on their mailman cap, our bill had expired and phone company went 'snip-snip' without us knowing we owed them.

Complain? Yes, we have. Results? No, we haven't any. Some neighbours say that it isn't worth the fight. Some are worried that if we persist and take things a step further we may NEVER see our mail EVER again. Snail mail extortion by a lazy mailman.

Where's a killer dog when you need one?
Beware! Fluffy is on mailman patrol.

*For those too young to remember, this title is a wordplay of the classic crime novel "The Postman Always Rings Twice".


nuntius said...

On the other hand, there are postmen like the one on my blog - he knows us all and doesn't have to look for the adress on the envelop (this means that i receive mail even with wrong adress on it!!!!).
Nia nia niania nia :P:P

deviousdiva said...

Our delightful postman has taken to throwing our mail (bundled with our neighbours) from his moped. It usually lands inside our gate but not always. If there is any water in the front yard it lands in that. He delivers in the evening (!) What's up with that ?

V-Grrrl said...

Oh my gosh. This is unbelievable. My husband would have a stroke. The U.S. postal service would deliver a nice letter of termination to a mail carrier who did this.

buruburu said...

When I used to live in Egypt the mail never came. Especially if they were magazines from Greece with a lot of women in them. We had a very good newspaper delivery system though. The newspaper man would go around in his bicycle. He would roll the paper and tie it with a short piece of thread and throw it to your balcony. I would always bump into him on my way to school in the morning and I've seen the guy land newspapers in balconies 4 flours up. No misses.
No I get all my important mail to work and get the company secretaries to deliver it to my office. Beats queing up in the post office early morning.

Snake (a Cambridge kind of guy) said...

I'd like to get a job like that; the hours seem quite doable.