Sep 19, 2006

Sit ups from hell

Couldn't sleep last night. Switched on the television hoping it would make me drowsy. 3 am TV time comes cheap and I was watching one telemarketing commercial for fitness contraptions after the other: ab king pro, abdomenizer, thigh master... [yawn]. If you've seen one lean, sexy ab, you've seen them all. Eyelids started feeling heavy.

Just as Mr.Sandman was tiptoeing his way to me, I came fully awake with the display of "Hang Ups" or what I reckon are sit-ups straight from the depths of hell.

Sit-ups and crunches are obviously not enough for fitness
freaksbuffs who can't get enough pain. 'Hang Ups' is sit ups with a Marquis de Sade twist, you hang upside down in the comfort of your own home and try to do sit ups vertically, defying gravity. Oh, and it only costs 489 euros (packaging and shipping included).

What disturbed me most about this exerciser from Lucifer's Gym is that there are people who actually sit down and invent such devices.

Who could go to sleep after that?