Oct 26, 2006

The level of internet illiteracy in Greece: if you don't know what RSS means just confiscate it, dammit!

collection of greek blog links regarding blogme.gr at vrypan.monitor.netBlogme.gr is a search engine for Greek blogs via RSS feeds. In non-techie terms, it collects links to OTHER blogs and is in no way affiliated or responsible for their contents.

Someone saw a LINK to a blog via blogme.gr that criticized/made fun of him and decided to sue. And suddenly the Greek Internet SWAT team storms the home of blogme.gr's administrator, confiscate his computer's hard drives, handcuff him and take him in custody. He wasn't even the author of the post... it's like suing technorati.com for Pete's sake!!!

The Greek blogosphere is sending out protests against this unprecedented act of censorship and inadmissible behaviour against Mr.Tsipropoulos (blogme.gr's administrator). I add my voice and my blog's support with the greek blogs in this objection.

The story from Greek bloggers in English:
Like suing Google!
Greek aggregation service administrator gets jailed for... linking
And in Greek...
List of greek blog links regarding blogme.gr at vrypan.monitor.net