Oct 25, 2006

Youth IS the future

Teachers, students, parents will hit the pavement today in Greece in a mass rally for education.

The teachers have been on strike for six grueling weeks. The government isn't showing signs of faltering. Personally, I'm proud of the teachers. In fact, I'm OK with any working sector that raises its fist and demands the self-evident right to a decent salary or better working conditions. The media and the government have slung a lot of slandering boolsheet at the teachers and they've been without a paycheck for six weeks. I hope they don't cave in. Teachers are our kids' role-models, if they back down now, society will lose more than a few school lessons, it will lose its dignity.
It's not only about teachers' wages, the demand for a better education has been instigated first and foremost by the students themselves!
When you have a student movement as dynamic as this... then the future looks promising!

English news sources: here and here.

Οταν έχεις ένα τόσο δυναμικό μαθητικό κίνημα... τότε το μέλλον μοιάζει πιο ελπιδοφόρο! Μη μασάτε παιδιά!

Φεγγαράκη μου λαμπρό.. Βιβλία, όχι πύραυλοι Δημόσια και δωρεάν παιδεία