Oct 30, 2006

Stop Tricks for Cheaper Chocolate Treats

It's that time of year again. No, I don't mean THAT time. I mean THIS time.

This year, however, it's time to participate in a little electronic activism by signing the petition at petitionsite.com sponsored by the non-profit organisation Care2.com:

Stop Tricks for Cheaper Chocolate TreatsWhat's scarier than ghosts or goblins this Halloween? How about chocolate treats made from child labor?

Almost half of the world's cocoa is produced on West African plantations where widespread instances of child slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor have been reported.

Unless multi-billion dollar candy companies like Nestle and Mars (the makers of M&Ms) take the lead, most, if not all the chocolate in your local supermarket will continue to be made at the cost of human life.

The solution? Chocolate that's Fair Trade Certified. Fair Trade standards do not permit forced labor or child labor and ensure that farmers are paid a fair price for their cocoa.

This Halloween, put an end to "tricks" for cheaper chocolate treats. Ask Mars and Nestle to address these human rights violations by offering fair trade chocolate in their product line!