Jan 12, 2007

Aye, the eyes say it all

I was hopping around Greek TV channels when I came across CSI:NY and was enthralled by Gary Sinese's eyes and eyebrows. They make the actor look like he's always surprised or always pissed off.

Eyes really can make a statement.

When I was in university, a fellow student gave me some Chinese balm to place over my eyelids to help me stay awake for an all-night cramming session.

That goo smelled like mint. As soon as I smudged some on, my eyelids whipped open and fastened themselves on the skin above my eye sockets. The eyebrows arched, as if trying to get away from the rousing sensation. I looked awake but my mind was screaming SLEEP! So I re-applied quack ointment throughout the long night to assure awareness.

Next morning, the professor demanded I remove sunglasses while taking the exam. He did a double take when he saw that my erected brows didn't move and my eyes were alarmingly very -very- wide awake.

What statement did my eyes make? He passed me because he mistook me for some crazy bitch with a wild look in her unblinking eyes. Who needs the hassle of a weirdo student, right?

Never used the stuff again. Itched like hell when it wore off.