Jan 12, 2007

Aye, the eyes say it all

I was hopping around Greek TV channels when I came across CSI:NY and was enthralled by Gary Sinese's eyes and eyebrows. They make the actor look like he's always surprised or always pissed off.

Eyes really can make a statement.

When I was in university, a fellow student gave me some Chinese balm to place over my eyelids to help me stay awake for an all-night cramming session.

That goo smelled like mint. As soon as I smudged some on, my eyelids whipped open and fastened themselves on the skin above my eye sockets. The eyebrows arched, as if trying to get away from the rousing sensation. I looked awake but my mind was screaming SLEEP! So I re-applied quack ointment throughout the long night to assure awareness.

Next morning, the professor demanded I remove sunglasses while taking the exam. He did a double take when he saw that my erected brows didn't move and my eyes were alarmingly very -very- wide awake.

What statement did my eyes make? He passed me because he mistook me for some crazy bitch with a wild look in her unblinking eyes. Who needs the hassle of a weirdo student, right?

Never used the stuff again. Itched like hell when it wore off.



Rick said...

You know he (Gary) has his own rock band doncha? Yeah, The Lt. Dan Band. Name based on his CSI character. Seriously.

Flubberwinkle said...

Welcome to my humble cyberspot Rick!
I actually didn't know about the Lt.Dan Band. Truth be told, whenever I see Sinese on screen my gut reaction is "hey, there's Lt.Dan" (in my Forrest Gump voice). Sinese truly made his mark with that role.

Rick said...

Oh, that's right. I get my Forrests mixed up with Sinese.

Snake (a Cambridge kind of guy) said...

I haven't seen the show but Sinise was good some years ago in Of Mice and Men.

Flubberwinkle said...

I agree Snake. I think it was also one of Malkovitch's best peformances as well.

Windfall Woman said...

I don't watch CSI. I loved Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump.

V-Grrrl said...

So Rick can't see the Forrest for the Sinese. ;D That's OK.

What do you think was in that scary Chinese balm? Almost sounds like something like Botox...

Flubberwinkle said...

I don't watch CSI either Windafll Woman. I was just channel hopping. It's too macabre for my viewing taste and not very relaxing. I love the movie "Forrest Gump" and its soundtrack!

V-grrrl, I'm not sure what was in the the goo. I could only smell (and feel) the spearmint. I didn't know botox smells minty. Is there a choice of flavors?