Jan 15, 2007

Greece. Explore your senses. Literally.

Last week the Greek National Tourism Organization and the Minister of Tourism made a big presentation of the new advertising campaign that will air on major international broadcasting news agencies and newspapers: Greece. Explore your senses. [link here] Very catchy slogan, particularly if ALL your senses are literally required to get around safely in Athens.

Take this photo of a central street in downtown Athens, for example:

If you have your eyesight, no problem. You stop walking on the sidewalk and continue on the street with passing cars. Stop your whining, YOU can SEE the oncoming vehicles so just avoid them. IF you can't see... well, you'll just fall on the rubble, injure yourself but hey, where's your sense of adventure? Explore your senses! (Notice the subtle irony of the sidewalk guides for the blind, the missing safety barrier warning of the danger ahead AAAAND parked cars blocking pedestrians' exit).

Below is a full front view of the decrepit, old house that fell three weeks ago and the debris has reached the street pavement. It silently waits for the appropriate crew from the Municipality of Athens to take action and clear it up. Hopefully soon, before anyone hurts themselves.