Jan 31, 2007

Update on the the fall of an Athenian house

Remember that decrepit, old house that fell down and its rubble was left scattered all over the sidewalk that I photo-blogged about a few posts back?

I assume you're nodding. If not check it out here.

Well, yesterday a crew from the Municipality of Athens finally got around to clearing up the debris off the public sidewalk and added a chain-link fence to prevent more avalanching.

I felt it necessary to give the proper authorities credit and blog about it since it only took 2 weeks, which is really an accomplishment by Greek standards. (No, I'm not kidding).

A painting on a still-standing wall caught my attention and made me wonder what glories this house must have seen to have a hand-painted drawing of what Athens used to look like in its halls.

I pass a lot of these old, stately Athenian manors on my way and back to work. I wish I could find out more about their histories. I wish more of them would be preserved and used as offices or homes rather than brothels and junkie hide-outs. My father, who grew up in the heart of Athens, had loads of stories about downtown Athenian homes and families... I miss those stories.

And him.