Apr 17, 2007

Girl talk, almost.

Girlfriend @ work: Money's tight but I need to refresh my wardrobe with some new clothes.

Me: You shouldn't have any problems finding something you like. You're thin AND there are 15 Chinese (=low-priced) shops with different womens' wear on this street alone.

Friend: Nah, I don't feel right shopping in Chinese stores.

Me: Ah, you're boycotting Chinese manufactured clothes because they make under aged workers sew the clothes directly on cargo ships that carry the products to the West, therefore no minimum wages or safety regulations for these slaves on international waters?
Very conscientious of you. Bravo.

Friend: [her mouth gaping and her coffee cup in mid air]
Er, no.
Because their shops are so dingy and I think of shopping as a form of therapy AND entertainment.

Me: Oh.