Apr 18, 2007

Given the official Flubberwinkle seal of approval

Discovered on the Net and methinks them neat:

musicovery.com, interactive webRadio.
Groovy (stop snickering, it IS groovy) layout with mood colorings of genre and beat; streaming is amazing, no buffering or standstills (at least NOT with a DSL connection). No fees whatsoever (unless you wish to buy music from amazon.com).

spout.com, online movie community.
Makes keeping track and reviewing movies a cinch. You can even blog about your movie reviews on your personal account (which is free).

shelfari.com, your own virtual bookshelf, reading and wish list.
You can also try librarything.com
I do have an objection about the lack of "foreign" writers, but hopefully the collection will expand with the memberships, which by the way are free.



Kassandra said...

Hi again flubb! you might like to know that your online radio station is in danger... I discovered a similar 'interactive' music radio site a while back called Pandora, which I love as well, but they've just informed me that apparently, in another copyright crackdown, a new bill has been passed in the US which will make the licensing fees for internet radio sites so high that they'll all go bankrupt overnight... check out savenetradio.org for more info... alas you need a zipcode to sign the petition :( When will the music labels realise they're fighting a losing battle, that technology has changed the way the world listens to music, and figure out a way to make the (huge) profits they require within the new order?