Apr 18, 2007

Given the official Flubberwinkle seal of approval

Discovered on the Net and methinks them neat:

musicovery.com, interactive webRadio.
Groovy (stop snickering, it IS groovy) layout with mood colorings of genre and beat; streaming is amazing, no buffering or standstills (at least NOT with a DSL connection). No fees whatsoever (unless you wish to buy music from amazon.com).

spout.com, online movie community.
Makes keeping track and reviewing movies a cinch. You can even blog about your movie reviews on your personal account (which is free).

shelfari.com, your own virtual bookshelf, reading and wish list.
You can also try librarything.com
I do have an objection about the lack of "foreign" writers, but hopefully the collection will expand with the memberships, which by the way are free.