Jun 13, 2007


Antithesis, originally uploaded by flubberwinkle.

Two women wrapped in customary Muslim shawls doing some shopping therapy at Peiraios Street, Athens.
Name of the women's clothing boutique: Antithesis.


Rick said...

OK, how do you do that color-on-black-and-white effect? Very cool!

Βερναρδος said...

Δεν βαζεις συχνα δικες σου φωτος.Οταν το κανεις, εγω τις βρισκω πετυχιμενες μαζι με το κειμενο σκεψεις σου που τις συνοδευουν.

V-Grrrl said...

I once saw a Muslim woman in a BURKA, her FACE covered, buying Dior cosmetics in a Paris ICI store here in Brussels!

Βερναρδος said...

Διορθωση του συχαρητηρια σε συγχαρητηρια
( e - Δαιμων )

Flubberwinkle said...

Hullo Rick!
There are digital cameras that do this stuff automatically (i.e. isolate certain colors from the photo). My loyal -but no so hight-tech camera- doesn't work that kind of magic, so I've found that the free, software program Picasa helps spruce up photos and add that little extra pizazz that helps me get my message across. It's really a neat application, easy and FREE (did I mention that?). That's the secret and it's just between me and you.

Geia sou Bernard/Βερνάρδε!
Na' sai kala. Thank you for kind words. Don't worry about the spelling mistakes, happens to all of us.

Hey V-Grrrl!
Just goes to prove that grrrls all over the world will always be grrrls.

Yuva said...

is that in Eromu..!?! seems to be like to close my house..!

Flubberwinkle said...

Hello there Yuva, the photo was taken at Peiraios Street, a few blocks away from Omonia Square (which btw is round, weird, eh?)