Jun 13, 2007

Hubcap risk?

Hubcap risk?, originally uploaded by flubberwinkle.

Waiting for the urban railway (Proastiakos) at Neratziotissa station I saw this brand new hubcap (VW) lying in the middle of the tracks.

Normally in open space rail tracks you'll see a lot of things scattered up and down the line. Proastiakos, however, is a "closed" railway because most of the line is next to Atitiki Odos, protected by high cement walls (that's what's behind the wall in the photo).

Made me wonder how the hubcap got there.
Did the hubcap become a frisbee when a passing car got a punctured tire at super speed? Are the Proastiakos' passengers at risk from the passing cars? Hmmmm... maybe I should start wearing a helmet even though I'm on foot and using public transport.