Mar 23, 2008

Pimp my flowers

Recently a new flower shop opened near our home. Daughter#2 went to buy a get-well bouquet for a classmate who was in hospital and Husband got me our 20 year anniversary bouquet from there. Before either of them could stop the shopguy, he had sprayed a ridiculous amount of glitter (yes, g-l-i-t-t-e-r) on fresh floral arrangements.

Daughter#2 was shocked at the outcome and too shy to complain, paid for the flowers but came home ranting. Husband hadn't really noticed the glitter attack because he was too happy that he had remembered our anniversary in the first place. I thanked Husband for the flowers and after a couple of days (after letting Husband bask in the glory of his victory) I pointed out that the flowers looked sleazy with all that glitter.

thmell this flower
It turns out that adding fake ingredients to fresh flowers is not new. They use glossy spray to make foliage look greener and floral deodorant to make the flowers smell. I know that this particular flower shop will never see our business again. Call me weird but I don't think flowers should be pimped.