Mar 23, 2008

World Water Day & Saharan sand

Today, the sky above Attica was sepia and everything looked yellowy. Mother Nature's photoshop effect is not unusual this time of year. Every spring the Saharan sands travel in thick clouds over Greece, falling in large droplets of unclear rain. And. yet. every. single. spring. I see people rush out to wash their precious cars as if the yellow rain will chip the-oh-so-cool-metal color off their vehicles.

water hole, camels and lots of sandMeanwhile, World Water Day was yesterday, and the public awareness commercials asking us to conserve water are playing on television and radio. People should realize that the first thing they should sacrifice is the cleanliness of their cars. Water is too precious. Too precious. If we keep wasting water we'll be using camels soon and they don't come in metallic colors, Greek dudes.