Jun 20, 2008

Shame on us Europe!

Two days before UN's World Refugee Day, the European Parliament approved a new directive for dealing with clandestine immigrants, making it possible to detain them for up to 18 months; those who refuse to go voluntarily could be forcefully removed and banned from coming back to EU territory for five years.

STRASBOURG, 18/06/08 – When our grandchildren will study the age of racist Europe at school, they will find on their books the list of the European MEPs who on June 18, 2008 approved the return directive. And they will ask to their teacher how it was possible such a shamefull attack against the rights of a minority of several million people living in the 27 Member States. Yes because a table at the end of the chapter will explains that, according to the European Commission, between 4.5 and 8 million of undocumented immigrants were living and working without contract in Europe in 2007. And that each year their number increased by 500,000 units, with the newcomers and who became illegal because he lost the job. The directive – will explain a footnote – laid down an 18 months maximum period of detention in the 224 undocumented migrants detention camps of EU and a five years ban on re-entry into the EU by deportees. >>more from Fortress Europe campaign