Jun 23, 2008

Why you should always keep a "Mom" on speed dial

Couple of days ago, I got a call from a Starbucks employee who informed me Daughter#1 had forgotten her mobile phone at the coffee shop. He found "MOM" from her recent incoming calls to let me know to let her know where she had lost it. I thanked him and communicated with Daughter#1, who was unaware of her loss, via her sweetheart's phone. She went back immediately that night to retrieve it.

Daughter#1 told me that employee was so courteous that he apologized to her for looking through her phone's directory and for bothering her mother. He hadn't even charged the call from my kid's cell phone instead had used the Starbucks phone.

Gosh, Starbucks! Your coffee may suck but you have really decent kids working for you. By the off chance a Starbucks CEO is reading my blog, I'm referring to Starbucks at Pagkrati, Athens Greece, so feel free to give those a kids a raise OK?