Nov 12, 2008

Being a network admin #1

At work they call me by my given name, Athena or more commonly known as "Athenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help".

I could write a book with the various problems my network computer users have called me to help them.

Today, for example, a frantic user called me to complain that when she pushed the power button on her computer it started beeping.

I raised a worried eyebrow and inwardly groaned at the idea of a potential hardware conflict issue on the motherboard. Got my butt up and headed for personal inspection.

She was standing at the door of her office, pressing her hands together in fret "I just pressed the button!", "Do you think it's serious?", "Is my computer sick?".

I went to the computer, heard it beeping and...

removed the corner of a heavy folder that was pressing against the 'esc key' on the left corner of the keyboard.

Beeping stopped. Problem solved. Co-worker blushed shamefaced.