Jan 10, 2009


When I was a kid, my mother told me a New Year's Eve taradiddle her mother had told her that If you had unwashed laundry, unironed clothes or a dirty home when the New Year came... then all year long you'd be 'cursed' with endless loads of laundry, piles of ironing and dust that never quit.

In short, whatever shape the house was in on New Year's Eve, that was how your home would be all year long.

This old wives' tale inadvertently stuck in one of my brain cells that should have been used for more worthwhile information and came back to me on larger, global scale on New Year's Eve.

As 2009 punched in for work and 2008 retired, Israel was bombarding Gaza, the largest open air prison they created for Palestinians. The US military was still occupying Iraq. Hot spots all over the world with unfathomable despair and pain. Greece in an upheaval. Our home - the world- was definitely a mess on New Year's Eve and according to the housekeeping myth the mess will be around all year.

Here's to Peace. May it come in the form of large broom and sweep across the globe and next New Year's Eve find all nations and peoples unmessed.