Jan 25, 2006

Awwww, look at the shivewing Gweek pedestwians!

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Greek driver. Yup, I'm talking to you. I've been driving in Greece long enough to know what you're up to. You're behind a steering wheel of a moving vehicle therefore that makes you the driver. The people outside of the vehicle are moving around on foot, therefore they constitute as pedestrians. Not to you. Nope. These suckers are moving targets! And the Elmer Fudd in you is screaming "Open Season fo' wabbits!'

You spot the Granny leaning on her cane. With her deficient reflexes and poor eyesight she's checking for any oncoming traffic. Just when she thinks the coast is clear and ready to step off the sidewalk onto the pavement, the blazing sign lights up in your mind: 50 POINTS! Grannies with walkers: 150 POINTS! Grannies that shake their fist at you and drop their walkers: 250 POINTS! Young men go for less because they can outrun the car's bumper. You only brake for beautiful women in hopes that one may cast a "come-on" look your way.

I can't change your habit. I try to set forth a good example on the road. But, no, you just honk at me because you're upset that I let ONE get away! OK, OK, you have your distorted fun. However, when it's freezing cold outside and the remaining pedestrians left standing are being whipped by severe winds and sleet, give them fair play. Give them the right of way. Let them pass. You are safely in your warm car, protected by the laws of nature. Be a sport, Elmer. Tomorrow the sun will come out and you can go at them again!



V-Grrrl said...

As a pedestrian, I cheer you! Especially when it's windy and raining and people are trying to take my legs off in the crosswalk.

Snake (a Cambridge kind of guy) said...

Boston drivers are no picnic either. Death Race 2006!

The SeaWitch said...

I can't count how many times drivers have honked at me for allowing pedestrians to cross the road. Mothers with small children and a couple bags of groceries have been left stranded in the middle of a busy road because one nice guy let them pass but the oncoming drivers couldn't care less. At times like that, I'm wondering if this idea of "filotimos" exists only in the greek dictionary. So disappointing.

Anonymous said...


I thought granmas were 50 points
and grandpas 80,

cats are 250..?


o.k. kidding.

but i did hear there is university student car game ,

" scratch the benz"( mercedes)
"cut off the tanks" (all big jeeps)
"and stop abruptly when followed
by expensive sports cars"

so carefull these young ones
useally drive 5 to 15 year old cars
and nissan.

and there going after the expensive automobiles. so ive heard.

adfjkaj said...


Eleni said...

The same attitude prevails in NYC and Rome, the only big cities I've been to recently besides Athens, and I was just reading about the travails of being a pedestrian in Bangkok. There's something about pedestrians in a city that brings out evil in an unfortunate percentage of drivers.

MsAmber said...

Can't say I've ever been a pedestrian in a city.
I avoid the city as best I can.
If I must go there, I drive to the location and park, then I maneuver myself to the nearest crosswalk and press the button. I would NEVER do such a thing during rush hour. That's as insane as skydiving. Wait. I've been skydiving. I'll think of something that it's equal to...
nope. I got nothing.