Aug 28, 2006

Real life overtakes Flubberwinkle's cyber life

It's vacation time! Our regular programming here at will resume in two weeks.

beach lineBlog fridge memos:

Please don't shut my account down if it's inactive for 15 days.

Dear blogosphere friends,
I will be taking photos so please come back. I'll even put some cookies out for you (I can do brownies too).

Dear Misters Bush and Olmert,
Please don't wage any new wars while I'm gone.

Dear lurking co-workers,
Don't you hate it that I'm leaving now, when tourist prices and services are at their best? Please don't be too jealous. Nah, go ahead... wallow in your post-vacation jealousy blues. (niah-niah-niah-niah-niah).

Dear Santa,
Will you bring me a laptop this Christmas so I will never have to be separated from my blog ever again? [in whispered voice] A thin one, so Husband doesn't know I have one with me on the beach...[/end whisper]

Be well, do good!