Sep 10, 2006

The threat promise fulfilled

I said I'd be back and true to my word... Tada! I'd appreciate it if the Internet in the back rows would stop the whining.

Vacation's over. Batteries recharged. Mind relaxed. Skin tanned. Washing machine spinning load after load of laundry. Suitcases packed away. Digital camera's flash disk brimming with holiday moments.

Vacation debriefing: We stayed at Elaionas. Near the town of Diakopto, situated in Northern Peloponese (Greece, for those wondering where Peloponese is).

Our rented home away from home for two weeks...
Our home away from home (for two weeks) Summer house veranda

The view from the house...
Helmos' foothills from our bedroom window Waking up to Helmos' foothills

The beach was 75 metres away...
Beach at noon Kids against the waves Beach at sunset

There were flowers everywhere...
The garden leading to the beach Pomegranate Roses in garden Roses on marble table Rose

...and where there are flowers, there are bugs. And distraught Goth daughters.
Bee n Flower Bee on soda bottle Bumble Bee at work

There were trees and a lot of clean air...
Capturing the sunrise through the aspen foliage

Tree happy Tree happy 2

And where there's clean air, there are beautiful skies...
Clouds Clouds Clouds

Postcard moments...
Flip flops on the beach Beach towel attack Postcard Instead of building castles in the sand... Greek Cactus disguised as a Jamaican Tavern on the beach Greek lunch by the sea First annual bean soup festival

Cog railway from Diakopto to Kalavryta...
Scenic waterfalls and Vouraikos river

Getting the camera ready to go through the tunnel Boarded and ready to go

Two weeks with no computer, television or radio...
Our recreation table Reading about blogs on the beach Husband reading The Eternal Husband by F.Dostoevsky

I read...
Painting Mona Lisa by J.Kalogridis
The Sea by J.Banville
The Observations by J.Harris
...and I did a whole lot of crossword puzzles. Sudoku still remains a mystery, however and I'm sorry to report that I have yet to solve one successfully.

I wish you all "Kalo Heemona!" [Greek expression for "Have a good winter!"]



nuntius said...

Welcome back!
I've been to Elaionas on vacation when i was a small child (and i mean really small). I remember nothing, for course! Anyway, hope you had great time!

EllasDevil said...

Welcome back!! We all kept passing by your blog during your absence just to ensure it was coping well on it's own. On the whole, it seems to have behaved really well!

Your photos are fantastic, I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, the only problem is, after seeing your photos, I wanna go away somewhere!!

Anonymous said...

zardoz says :

"welcome back kotterwinkle"

see your doing a photo blog

and great vacationreporting

maybe some will take hint

and buy a digital camera,, .


DrMax said...

Welcome back online Flubberwinkle. Great pix. You have one beautiful country there. Next time you head out, fly by the States and pick me up.

melusina said...

Welcome back! Lovely vacation photos.

So how long before you become "unrefreshed"??

V-Grrrl said...

I'm enjoying your vacation vicariously through your photos. Wish I could get a virtual tan and smell the roses.

buruburu said...

Oh dear. I have a house in Elaionas and have been going there every summer for the past 30 years! Known to the locals as trypia and to me as to xorio. Jesus Christ! What a coincidence! In fact I just spent the whole summer there!

Snake (a Cambridge kind of guy) said...

I'll say welcome back, even though it's been said before. That looks like a truly beautiful spot. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future.

Flubberwinkle said...

Thanks folks! Glad to be back. Vacations are good, vacations with laptops would be gooder, vacations with laptops AND internet connection would be goodest! (Missed my English, didn't ya?)

Buruburu, WOW! You mean we might have been rubbing elbows at a taverna and NOT known it? (I doubt we were rubbing elbows on the beach, because there weren't too many people out there late August-early September). It's a small world AFTER ALL.

If I had been paying attention to people's feet (hint to other bloggers: Buruburu's blog header photo), I might have recognized you!