Oct 7, 2010


As soon I press the "Publish Now" button the blogosphere will come to a screeching halt, the staff over at blogger.com will be popping open champagnes because blog traffic will pick up and everything will become brighter and that warm fuzzy feeling you thought had abandoned you will start to shimmer and glow and THEN, snuggle in your heart. Yes. That's how powerful a flubberwinkle post is.

So, I start off this post celebrating my blog's five year anniversary with the BEST news:

New Flubberwinkle family member has come into our lives! Baby Neo, my first nephew, will henceforth be known to you, Internet, as Nephew#1 since he now has a baby brother.  Nephew#2 was born July 23 and methinks he's so debonair for a newborn. Quite the gentleman.  I took this photo on the day he was born, he's grown out and up since then.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of holding him since I've been in and out of hospitals since he was born (long story - no need to alarm you, I'll live).

I'm back from a very eventful and yet uneventful summer.

On the upside:

I overdosed watching 5 seasons of the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother " in 30 days as well as 2 months of the daily Turkish  soap opera "Binbir Gece". Barney phrases from HIMYM and tamam, evet, cok guzel are flying all over our house. It's strange how addicted you get to some shows when you are bedridden...  awe.some.

We didn't go away for our summer holidays (see previous raving post on why). However, I WAS on vacation, meaning that I didn't check in on my emails, my workplace's website or log in my work computer from home. I stayed away from anything computer-related for three whole weeks. 3 whole weeks. This may not sound like a feat to some people but my daughters and Husband were so relieved, as were my knees, my wrists, my coccyx, my eyes and nerves. 14 hour shifts in front of a computer screen for months on end had taken its toll on myself and my family.

On the  downside:

Overworked, overstressed and diagnosed with CMV, which brought on fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of appetitie, loss of interest in general wore me out this summer. I wasn't feeling too well and had a train of tests to go through. I now work mainly from home and go in the office for a few afternoon hours or when an emergency arises.  Of course, my workplace may become obsolete at some point but I can't worry about that until it comes.  A day at a time.

Just when I was on my way to recovery my 83 year old father-in-law had a couple of heart attacks in one day (luckily the second and massive coronary hit while he was in hospital). He's home now after  the doctors did an angioplasty stent on the blocked artery (he'll have another one in 2-3 months). He's trying to adjust to a less active lifestyle. Grandpa walked A LOT and did a LOT of gardening which is how he keeps in shape. It's hard for him to take it slow when his motto is "do something useful everyday so that day doesn't go to waste".
Words to live by.

Have a good autumn.
I promise not to stay away so long Internet, I missed you too.
Group hug everyone!


Anonymous said...

giouzellllll....on the new look

EllasDevil said...

Flubbaki mou,

Welcome back to your blog and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your nephew and here's to all the cuddles with him you have to look forward too.

I kinda got into '1001 Nights' too. You can tell that the TV companies are clashing their programming budgets now we're seeing various Turkish shows, thankfully they aren't that bad. Although I can't believe you didnt mention The Nanny which is what I was watching through the summer.

Well done as well on staying away for so long. It sounds like you needed it and I'm happy to hear you've adjusted your work pattern to something that sounds a lot more healthy.

Finally I know you posted your news about the father in law in the downside but I'm glad to read he's on the mend.

Be well Flubbs and take care.


Flubberwinkle said...

Hey =Z=! teşekkür ederim.

Hi EllasDevil!
Thanks for all your kind words! Hope you had an enjoyable summer and Happy -albeit very belated- birthday wishes! Καλό χειμώνα!

deviousdiva said...

You brought a smile to my face twice today. Once on this post and one on your new blog header (very sweet).

Congratulations on Nephew#2! He looks gorgeous, as Nephew#1 did :-D

Sorry to you you've been so unwell but perhaps the change to working at home is what you've needed for a long-time now. Finger crossed that that lasts.

We also did marathon TV sessions this summer instead of holidays. Loved "How I met your Mother" and "Big Bang Theory". Haven't quite gone as far as soap operas yet but who know ;-)

Glad you're back Flubberwinkle. Thank you once again for your support. Whatever happens, I'll find a way of keeping friends updated on what's happening.

I'm in for the group hug!